A member of the male gender, a Chad is a person, typically named Chad, who goes to bars to pick up chicks. He usually accomplishes this by cockblocking other guys. A Chad can be identified by his appearance which usually consists of the following: mesh trucker hat, frosted hair, greasy spiked hair, polo shirt with the collar turned up, fake tan, ringer t-shirt two sizes too small, pants two sizes too small, wifebeater in public, and a light colored button-up shirt. Chad's also have spent time in a fraternity, will dance by themselves to attract attention, and typically drink light beer.
This bar is full of nothing but Chads.

I would have scored with that girl if that Chad would have just shut his piehole.
by mav himself June 01, 2006
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A little guy who likes fish. He loves fish. He smells like fish. He goes fishing. He eats fish. He has sexual intercouse with fish.
Chad has sex with fish.
Chad goes fishing.
Chad is a weirdo.
by CHADLIKESFISH February 06, 2009
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A Chad is somebody that screams sex on legs. Usually a Chad has perfectly coiffed hair, brown eyes, is tall, dark, and handsome. Generally a classy person, a Chad also has a ghetto side that comes out whenever he is flustered, drunk, or working.
"did you see that guy over there? he's so hot!"
"yeah girl, he's a total Chad!"
by cardinal0122 August 13, 2013
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Chad, a person that thinks he is best at everything. Including sex.
He thinks he is gods gift to woman, arrogant, a prick, bi-polar, hated and loved.

Most Chad's got a Chuck Norris like beard.

For a person that actually IS good at everything check: Dawson
Girl 1: OMG, my bf thinks he is best at everything.
Girl 2: Fuck yeah. He is such a Chad
by Anonymious February 11, 2008
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Usually a nerd. Knows how to have a good time, and make people laugh. He can make the worst of days look brighter. Into video games, mostly RPGs. Though most say he might be a douche, he is not. Those people just have not taken the time to know him.
bro - "do you see that awesome guy over there?"
bro - "I wonder what his name is"
broseph - "it's obviously chad, look at that awesomeness"
by NotYou123 August 09, 2012
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A Chad is very good looking, normally blonde and tan, like a a life size ken. They like to take care of themselves and work out a lot. They are pretty confident guys but need to be more assertive when they see pretty girls. For example, if they saw one at the gym they normally just lay back even though they want to get her number. A Chad is super thoughtful of others, always giving compliments. He is also a great boyfriend, and handles break ups well. He is what you could describe as a perfect 10. He sometimes has douche bag friends more like acquaintances, that normally would just ruin a guy, but with all his great qualities and heart warming smile its easy to look past.
Hey did you see that guy at Waffle Wednesday?
Yeah.. the cute blonde one
Oh, yeah, that's Chad

Boy 1- Someday I hope to grow up to be just like my Dad
Boy 2- Someday I hope to grow up to be like Chad

Holy! I saw the hottest guy today, he has way nice calves!
He must be a Chad
by smitherssmith November 17, 2012
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A frat boy. Also referred to as a Bro or Broseph. Derived from the comedy video "Douche Off" by BaratsandBereta.
Steven: "Hey Tom, are you going to the Frat Rush tonight?
Tom: "No man, I'm not going to be a part of that Chad party."
by aarondobbeeeez September 03, 2009
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