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Olivia "Chachi" GonzalesAMAZING 15-year-old dancer born in Houston, Texas, who is a member of the well known hip-hop dance group, "I.aM.mE" which she performs with on the MTV show, America's Best Dance Crew. Nicknamed "Chachi" because Chachi is short for muchachita; which, in spanish means “little girl”. She started dancing at a very early age, and has been dancing ever since. She will always continue to inspire many with the way she moves when she dances like no other.
"Have you heard of Chachi Gonzales?"
"Of course! She inspired me to start dancing!"
by iheartdance September 29, 2011
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Real name, Olivia Irene Gonzales. The sweetest and most gorgous little girl to ever walk the earth. Known to have the most swag a texan can have. A little qt with a great heart. Also Chachi is the youngest girl to be on the show, ABDC, and is on the ABDC season 6 champs; team I Am Me Crew. Get to know her....she's a sweetheart annnd has a great family. She doesnt think of fans as just fans, she thinks of them as family so she gave her fans/family a nickname. Her fans are called Koala Dance Bots and they equal up to a Koala Dance Bot Nation. Her older brother David and older sister Dominique are AHHHH-mazing. They have the GonzalesSWAG. Im a Koala Dance Bot. Are you?
Mom: hey did you see that little girl on tv? She has so much swag.

Daughter: Of course, thats Chachi Gonzales. Do you live under a rock!
by Bree26zy June 12, 2011
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Talented 17 year old dancer born in Houston Texas. Chachi born as Olivia Irene Gonzales was born on Januray 23, 1996 in Houston Texas. She's the yougest of five siblings. She was givin the nickname Chachi which is short for muchachita meaning little girl in spanish, by her family. At the age of 5 she started dancing Ballet and trained for three years. But when watching a hip hop dancing group " Marvelous Moom" perform she became hooked onto hip hop dancing and immedately asked her mom to switch her to Hip Hop. She started dancing for 8 and luckily the school Chachi went to also had a Hip Hop class. At first Chachi was shy but after picking up, she became better and eventually the teacher asked her to lead the class. When Chachi was 15 she auditioned for thecrew I. aM. Me and the crew memeber jaja, Emilio, Brendan, Phillip and moon audtioned and were on ABDC. THey won the shows. Season 6 champions. Chachi does workshops all over the world and teacher classes in Houston as well. Amazing Beautiful Soul!
MOM: WOW amazing dancer who is she?
Me: MOMM! THATS CHACHI GONZALES! how do you not know her? you needa get out more often!?
by KDBFANGIRLy November 07, 2013
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