A certification given to chongas for their skills as being chongas.
Hey, did you hear that Maria just got her chonga++ certification?
by SiLentThReaD August 7, 2008
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A Receipt for the skeet.
I was not tryna put my name on that birth certificate until we got a blood test.
by soulocutz August 24, 2011
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A certificate obtained by sailors who pass northwards over the Arctic Circle which (at present, 2010) is located at about latitude 66° 33′ 39″N.

This is similar but not identical to the Crossing The Line certificate which is issued to sailors who pass over the Equator (latitude 0°)
My Bluenose Certificate reads
"All Sailors, wherever ye and whoever ye may be, Greetings.
Know all ye by these presents that Jack Tickler did on the 19 July 1971, appear in the northernmost reaches of my realm, bound for the dark and frosty wastes of the land of the midnight sun and did with our royal consent enter this dread region by crossing the arctic circle by virtue whereof i, neptunus rex, ruler of the raging main do hereby declare him to be a loyal and trusty salt-lined and brine-encrusted bluenose and do call upon all Icebergs, Sea Lions. Narwhals, Polar Bears, Whales, Mermaides and other creatures of the Frigid North to show him due deference and respect.
Disobey under pain of Our Royal Displeasure

Neptunus Rex (Ruler Of The Main)
Aurora Borealis (Queen Of His Pallid Polar Regions)"
by blueliner January 27, 2010
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What males do for gift giving around the holidays in lieu of going out and purchasing an actual gift.
i went gift certificating the week b4 christmas this year
by Rita Torcaso/Ben Gentile December 21, 2005
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When a girl is positive for an STD
Example 1: “That bitch Amanda done fucked the wrong dude and now she has a hoe certificate.”
Example 2: “Girl they just denied my birth control cause of my hoe certificate!”
by eatmecupcakeswithwhipcream October 29, 2020
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Your official diagnosis of Life. See Birthday.
Your birth certificate shows your diagnosis of Life, with the time and date that you got it.
by Help stop spreading the disease September 13, 2006
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