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Whether it be a video game, or real life, each event in history requires drastic actions to be taken by a person, or people, there, usually in the process of humiliating another person, therefore proving that you are the superior human being in both supreme skill, and good looks, of course. This technique is acquired by placing yourself nearby or over the humili-ee, and proceeding to take your scrotum out of your pants (this applies to females, too), and placing them on said person's face, also whilst doing a squatting motion; as in standing-crouching-standing, etc.

Usually referred to (by those with lesser skill) as "teabagging".

If there is a group of people, and not enough room for everyone to crowd around one body, instead one person stands over the body and performs Ceremonial Squats on said person's face, whilst everyone else does it in close proximity, therefore transferring the chakra of all the squats combined toward the person standing over the body, in turn providing a much fuller force as if everyone were doing it at once to the same body. Essentially, a Dragonball Z-esque moment.
Example 1:
Gaz: "Yes, I won!"
Matt: "How will you celebrate?"
Gaz: "Gotta do some Ceremonial Squats. Just let me plonk my balls on his face."

Example 2:
Gaz: "YES! Time for some Ceremonial Squats."
Tom: "Agh! Could you please get your balls out of my face?!"
Alex: "You know, I could file that under paedophilia..."

Example 3:
Gaz: "People of Earth, give me your power!"
People of Earth: "Clearly wants the D. That guy got dicked on."
by Jackie Turtle November 30, 2013
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