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A series of towns located in central New York.

Full of a bunch of low life, scumbag, drug fiends.

People from CS think they are hardcore, but there a bunch of vaginas. All talk, and when things get to heavy for these simple minded bafoons, they resort to fighting, egging, and an eternal obsession for drugs. But there are some good kids hidden among the leaves and control our bright future as i can tell they will be making 6-digit incomes. But the rest of the bunch don't work for a dime in there lives and still believe they're in a gangster crew and everything they say, do, or quote (that they pulled offline on a site they would never touch in their life because they don't have the brain capacity for it) is the new fad or "cool" thing to do, where will they be ten years from now? still home with their parents, low pay job, no license, no car, and titled the TLC's version of a Scrub. I <3 NEW YORK!
Central Square School District

guy: i hate that teacher

girl: why

guy: cause he gave me homework, wanna go smoke a few blunts afterschool?

girl: sure!

guy: am i gettin lucky?

girl: hell why not, you wouldnt be the first!
by anonymouslysmarterthanyou August 06, 2011
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