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Central London is a fake place full of fake Londoners, when people think of London, they think of Central London! It makes people think that London is a magestic place with beautiful senery and landmarks! When it is actually full of gangs, killing, swearing and litter! Basically like New York but has less roads and more back roads! Central London gets used more in TV compared to the rest of London as you would think! A good movie that includes London is Condguring 2: Enfield's Haunting, as it shows London in the 1980s! I like to visit Central London though, Especially the Landmarks! Also, I'm not calling Central London bad, It just annoys me where people think that that is all what London is, It isn't the majority of London, the majority is outside of Central London.
Central Londoner talking to Central Londoner: Person 1: Hi, can i have some tea please? Person 2:Sure, Person 3:Thank you very much! Person 4:You're very welcome! Other Londoner talking to Proper Londoner: Teenager 1:Yo fam, I can't wait to eat McDonalds tonight! Teenager 2:Nah bruv, I love mcdonalds but I would 100% eat proper Nando's instead! Teenager 1:Aight, Teenager 1:Did you see that beef yesterday mandem? Teenager 2: Ye, it was proper litty! The End.
by OhBoiJimyy May 22, 2018
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