A celebrity free pass is an agreement between you and your significant other that if you meet said celebrity and there is an opportunity to sleep with them, your partner cannot get mad at you for doing so because you had agreed before hand that this person was your celebrity free pass. It is ideal if both of you in the relationship choose a celebrity free pass so that the playing field is even.
Julia met Drake at a bar, and hooked up with him, knowing that her significant other could not be mad at her, because Drake was her celebrity free pass.
by gingerale011 March 25, 2011
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a romantic agreement between a fan and a celebrity; a romantic hookup
My friends from FACT and I met Alicia Keys at a bowling alley. She is my Romantic Celebrity Free Pass now. Me and Alicia Keys were side-hugging. No one could take her away from me now.
by Girl Guru May 2, 2021
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It’s a deal between you and your lover that if one of y’all met a celebrity and had the chance to sleep with them you would and your lover or you cannot get angry because you had a Celebrity Free Pass.
Lover: You cheated on me!?

You: With Scarlett Johansson which is my celebrity free pass.

Lover: oh…ok then
by Kokichiis April 25, 2022
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