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Cedarville, NJ aka "Skeeterville" is a shit-hole located in Lawrence Twp aka " Lawless" Twp in cumberland county New Jersey. It's shitty hall is run by part time employees that won't even live in the town they work in. The scoundrel members who dictate their whimsies upon the townsfolk are made up of egotistical ass-holes owning business interests in the area. " Skeeterville" is swarming with mosquitoes and any other type of insects that bite. Its the type of place that if you blink while driving you already went thru it and has more hunting clubs than women.
A young couple from Illville, NJ were looking to buy a home and their realtor mentioned there were homes available in Cedarville, NJ to which the buyers commented, " Awesome, it sure would be nice living in a town with no cops."
by jpg3 December 14, 2010
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