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One of thee worst school you could ever go to. It looks like a jail on the outside and only gets worst when you walk through the doors. Also our school is starting to fall apart so we have duck tape on the side of classy for paying all the money to go to this fucking school.

The bathrooms constantly smell awful and only one of the toilets work.

The teachers are dumb af and can barely comprehend what they're teaching.
The food isn't that bad..sometimes.

Also we don't have any good extra courses, we don't even have a wood working class.

Also you get in terrible for thee stupidest things, better have your fucking prox card or you'll get a fucking detention.

The only sport that we were good at was boys basketball and girls soccer. We suck ass now.

The only exciting thing is that it's in Brug and sometimes people get shot. And that we have wifi (even tho it's ass).
"Oh I was thinking about going to Catholic Central High School"
"Your basically just throwing your self in jail"

"Caddy High sucks"
by Jane feather worth July 04, 2016
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