A girl most likely named Nadine. She spends most of her time online and that is the only life she has. Be cautious, everything she says is a lie. Deceptive to the core and a sociopath. She may seem genuine but trust me, it's a facade. Not to be trusted.
by destroyaho September 17, 2013
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A person that conspicuously leads another on to an idea of affection when there is none.
Alysona totally catfished me. She is a catfish.
by Toepuka November 17, 2015
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the insertion of 3 fingers in the vagina and switching hands and inserting them then smearing them on a dudes face
by the real anal annie July 21, 2009
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A simple man, with simple needs. He is honest, supportive, funny, caring, loving, handsome, gentle, cuddly, humble, and loves junk food. He can make you smile and laugh and he can take your breath away. He likes to play with your hair, kiss your forehead, hold your hand, and call you for no reason to talk about nothing for hours. There is no question when he looks at you, he looks straight into your soul and you know that he loves you unconditionally. He is the most amazing man in the world and every moment of my life would be better if I could spend it with him. He is my soul mate, my best friend, and my everything.
I love Catfish, he is my whole world.
by Fiesty Squirrel September 28, 2011
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a very attractive woman. It is the middle of extremes compared to a whale and a minnow.
EX: Damn that catfish is hot af!
by Thuggy Z August 24, 2011
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Catfish comes from catfishing which is when guys text girls usually anonymously and ask for pics and try to start an online romances or just an entertainment method the catfish is referred to the girl . Teens use it to show that the girl is easy and has nothing to offer
Guy:can you send some nudes ?

Girl: hell no I ain't no catfish
by Maya1392 February 05, 2018
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