A type of fish that has barbels,which are whisker-like sensors made from skin that people say looks like a cat's whiskers.
Catfish are friendly animals that look like cats.
Catfish are plentiful in this pond here.
by Sheeplover345 July 30, 2017
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A male who waits until all the hot girls at the bar have left and then proceeds to hook up with the fattest ugliest skank that may or may not have herpes. The term refers to the catfish which is a bottom feeder and slurps up all the grime, fish poop, and dead waste at the bottom of the lake.
Hey Rob, look at that girl Dave is with, haha.
Holy shit that bitch is weights a deuce and a half.
Fucking catfish.
by vatonyjmu1978 November 13, 2007
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A person that over eats. Their big mouth devours everything infront of them. After eating that excessive amount of food they are typically lethargic and have a swolen stomach and blank stare much like a catfish.
Bob- "Did you just see Jamie after she ate those two footlong philly cheese steaks and that large milkshake with extra whip cream!?"

Dan- "Yeah what a Catfish!!"
by lucaduc December 07, 2009
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A catfish is a person whose IQ is at least 200 points lower than his or her body weight in lbs.
The female catfish (beached whale) believed that the hot, happening guy with the 6-pack was desperately in love with her even though they had never met or talked in person.
by honstopinionxxx June 23, 2015
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A person who follows another person around. They suck up to that person because the person's social standing is much higher than the catfish's. The catfish is often fat, unathletic, skinny with glasses, or just annoying to everyone around them.
Look at Sebastian following Ryan around, that kid is such a catfish
by raychelha June 03, 2005
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A method of fellatio where the woman deep throats the man in a manner that causes her to make a noise similar to that of a croaking catfish.
Yeah, she catfished me last night. It was great. No gagging!
by Joe24 March 07, 2006
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A bottom-feading sellout who does anything for pussy. Also see /coward/.
When Kevin, the catfish, tried to cock block his buddies, he got his ass beat.
by Nick June 06, 2004
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