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A type of whip formerly used as a torture device, mostly for lashes in punishment of crimes. It is now used by BDSM partners, though usually without the death and severe wounds.

We hope.
My ass still hurts from that cat o' nine tails she used on me.
by DeaMatrona January 13, 2012
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A whip, usually leather, with nine tails. A variation on the Egyptian flail. Hurts a lot. Often used in bondage.
Sometimes, my lover ties me to the bed and uses the cat o' nine tails on me.
by naughty kitten August 07, 2004
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Cat o nine tails, an often leather whip with multiple tails, nine being the common number for the tails. Used mainly by the navy in the 1800's, but was also used by housewives, courts...
The person was hit with a cat o nine tails.
by angryatnocommonsense January 25, 2015
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