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Cat Sniffers Anonymous, is an exclusive club, to join you must be honestly dedicated to your profession of Cat Sniffing. The CSA started about 20 years ago when a group of feline addicts got extremely high one night and met up with a gang of good smelling biker cats.
Becky: Gee Whiz, your so dedicated to sniffing cats! I really love that in a man.

Ricky: why thank you, long ago i realized Cat Sniffing had to be my job when i got big... then i heard about CSA, it was perfect for me so i joined after rigorous Cat Sniffing training, i finally got in.

Becky: wow Ricky, im impressed , lets do it!!

Ricky: alright, but do you have a cat?
by FiFI February 25, 2005
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