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A woman who goes to your place of employment only to bitch and complain about stupid shit. She smells exactly like nasty cat urine and looks like a fat retarded troll. Enjoys lots of mustard and hates any race besides white people. Loves to say "shut the fuck up" and "Jesus Mary and Joseph." Never try to tell one of these women to leave because they will threaten to call the owners or corporation. They think they have the right to be rude and harrass others. Finally they are hoarders, drive ugly p.o.s. minivans and enjoy wearing cat sweaters.
Fat cat piss lady used to come to my job at micky d's. Then she called my girlfriend a dumb black bitch. So the general manager fucking elbow dropped her and told her to never come back.
by macdonaldsfreezerrapist September 23, 2012
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