Ever hear someone saying they’re “trapped” or “can’t move” because of their cat? Well, it’s simple. By cat law, you are not allowed to move if a cat is on you, no matter how small the body part is. If a cat is on you and comfortable, you cannot move. You also can’t move the cat. That is an evil act.

Don’t forget, you don’t own the cat. The cat owns you.
“Hey can you hang out today?”
“No, sorry. I’m binded by Cat Law. I can’t move man.”
“Oh dang. That’s unfortunate. Let me know when your cat moves.”
“Will do, catch you later.”
by hhhhhhanon :) May 14, 2019
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The practice of claiming ownership over an item by urinating on it.
"That used to be my sports bag, but Chris pissed on it - we follow 'Cat Law' in this house.."
by Superfrosty March 26, 2012
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