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When an indoor/outdoor cat is locked up in the house for far too long due to inclement weather, and he gets to the point where he has to release his energy. This is done usually via misbehavior. Cat Crazy has defined symptoms such as the eyes gleam with this inner light, the cat looks around in a crazed manner, so his body language announces that the rampage is about to begin. Once this powerful force takes control of the cat, all previous house rules are "cur-tailed." Forbidden cubbards become mountain hikes to be relished; tops of refrigerators become peaks to be scaled, etc. After the energy is expelled, the cat then settles down for a relieved nap.
Now that it's 115 degrees outside during the day and 90 degrees at night here in Arizona, the incidents of our cats going cat crazy have picked up geometrically. We were awoken several times this week to the noises of our cats rampaging through the house in utter frustration.

Sheriff Bruiny Bear Goodfellow, who usually upholds the law by protecting the perimeters of the yard, sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, looking around furtively. He was about to break the kitchen rules, and he was well aware of it. The tops of the kitchen cubbards beckoned him as does a downhill run for a college student ditching class in winter. The forbidden rampage lasted only five minutes, but for him, it was worth every second. Thereafter, he settled down for a good snooze.
by Kit Carson July 21, 2010
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Someone (stereotypically a girl) who is absolutely obsessed with cats. This person will generally spend more time with their cat than their actual friends( assuming they have any human friends). This person will also kiss other people's cats (regardless the relationship with person, a cat-crazy individual has no problem kissing and holding cats of people they just met minutes before). A cat-lover enjoys those"lolcats "photos and often talks to cats, honestly believing that they can communicate with cats. A cat-lover also spends a large amount of time talking to others about cats, takes approximately 750 photos of their own cat every 3 weeks, and owns numerous amounts of cat related paraphernalia (i.e. cat sweaters, cat figurines, cat mugs, etc).
1) Wow, Lindsey is so cat-crazy. She just got a new cat and she just loves it so much that she spends hours telling others about it and won't leave her apartment.

2) I'm worried Kalli might be getting cat-crazy, she is showing some signs because she was texting photos of her cat to someone....

3)Dude, watch out for that girl. I stole her cat figurine once and I did not realize how cat-crazy she was and she went ballistic and started yelling and cussing!

Well ya man, bitches be crazy.... cat-crazy.

by Oscarnuts March 10, 2009
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