Cassie is very sporty and does lots of exercise because for some reason she finds it fun. She tells herself that she is mentally stable but she is clearly not. She is very tough and streetsmart and rocks pink tacky fake nails. She is secretly gay and everyone knows it.
Person 1: Oh did you hear about Cassie?
Person 2: Oh yeah, didn’t she get knocked out kicking a football against a wall?
Person 1: Yes, that’s what you get for doing sport.
Person 2: I’m getting a gay vibe from her aren’t you?
Person 1: Yes same but she’s denying it.
by Randomgaygal April 08, 2020
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She is a wonderful person any one would love she is a super pretty
Steven:bro I got a girlfriend she is pretty and so funny

Damien: must be a Cassie
by Smokedatcushboiiiiii June 02, 2019
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Some who is beautiful, smart , easy to talk to and kind she often enjoys being the loudest but still always fits in with the crowd no matter who she's with she is the most beutiful caring person and a Cassie and a Ryan make a couple any persons jealous of
Yo you seen that girl Cassie? She dummy cute!
by Wishyouweremine March 21, 2019
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Hot, Hot, Hot. Cassie will blow you away with her amazing looks. She has a big ego but with her intelligence, she lives up to it. If you talk to a Cassie, you will not be able to cope.
Guy one: Dang, she's hot
Guy two: Yeah, she's a Cassie.
by LEVITATING TUNA November 17, 2020
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