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A town full of people who either think they're hicks or gangsters. Full of drugs and teenagers who think that smoking weed makes them badass.

Often called "Cavah" by those who like to pretend that they have Boston accents, when in reality they go to the city at a maximum of three times a year.

Usually referred to as "near Plymouth" when asked the question, "So, where are you from?"
People always talk about how they can't wait to leave, but most end up staying in their parents' basements and going to community college, making money by selling drugs to the new generation of lazy wannabe Bostonians that party with the same three people every Friday night.
Full of girls who think they're attractive, guys who think those girls are attractive because there's nobody else around to compare them to, and people that are stuck-up for no reason other than the fact that they can get away with smoking and underage drinking.
Home of cranberry bogs and guys that think they're hicks because they work them.
Person 1: Hey, where are you from?
Person 2: Carver, Massachusetts
Person 1: ......
Person 2: Near Plymouth
by RememberWhen July 17, 2011
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