A channel that used to be good back in the 90s but then added their original series which the majority of them suck ass except Samurai Jack, Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Then in 2001 they added Adult Swim which is a block of comedy and anime. Cartoon Network plays their original series, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo to death. The only good thing about CN now is Adult Swim.
Cartoon Network, where have you been? You're killing us with this kiddie junk!
by the retro toon freak August 04, 2006
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A TV channel which hosts cartoons 24/7. During the last few years, it's gained some controversy for taking away some popular shows (such as Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack) and replacing them with what many people believe to be "unimaginitive pieces of crap". However, they still host some really good shows such as "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends", "Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy" and "Teen Titans".

Also, while children and young teens can enjoy cartoons playing through the day aimed at them, a feature called "Adult Swim" plays through the night, with many mature shows for, yep, adults.

I think Cartoon Network will continue to thrive, but can it improve, find its way back to people and erase some controversy?
Guy 1: Cartoon Network's quality's starting to drop, don't you think?
Guy 2: At least we've got Foster's Home
by DudeWhosJustABitNuts August 05, 2006
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A channel that airs all animated shows. The shows during the day are all meant for children, and, as stated before, consist mainly of hacked up anime. However, starting at eleven, airs adult swim. The greatest mix of comedy and anime on television today.
"Dude, did you see Family Guy last night?"
"Hell yeah man, that's some funny stuff."
by Your Mom July 26, 2004
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An increasingly terrible network which introduced good shows, such as Dexter's Lab, and Samuri Jack, then overdid them. Now, Dexter's Lab is no longer funny. None of the newer versions of any of the cartoons are funny. The reruns still provoke laughter, but the new ones are just sad.
Despite it's lack of humor, Cartoon Network is better than Nickelodeon.
by Cricket June 19, 2004
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A channel on TV devoted to showing animated shows. During the day these shows are aimed at children. Later on you get a slightly older crowd and a lot of anime. Starting at 11 each night (except Fridays) you have adult swim, which is a block of programming devoted to animated shows targeted at the 14+ category.
Cartoon Network is a pretty good channel. It is better than Nickelodean (though I still think Nick's good) and adult swim is the best.
by Newbia September 01, 2004
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The sole reason that millions of people believe anime is gay due to the fact that they actually do make it seem gay.
Another sole reason that has resulted in millions of people bootlegging and dowloading anime episodes and movies.
WOW it's Cartoon Network, I thought it was bought out 2 decades ago!!
by Mad Canuck July 10, 2003
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A Channel which is doomed to failure due to blindly making itself more and more pitiful each day(I.E. Replacing Adult Swim Saturday with crappy Cartoons). By Replacing good cartoons with crappy, americanized animes and sorry attempts to imitate anime (I.E. Totally Spies ...), they have dug themselves farther and farther in the hole that they can never escape from.

R.I.P Cartoon Network (19xx - before they even started)
"Cartoon Network gets sadder and sadder everyday."
by PSisTEHsuxxors February 23, 2004
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