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When a baby is conceived by semen picked up off of the carpet. Often done by the "scooting method" where the male ejaculates onto the carpet and then the female scoots her vagina across the semen-covered area.
Ethan's insecurities arose upon the discovery that he himself was a carpet baby.

Oooo that boy is so fine Iā€™d have his carpet babies!
by bobsagetlover1 August 09, 2010
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Carpet Babies are produced when a man without any premaditated thought begins to jerk off while watching BodyShaping on ESPN or some soft core porn on Cinemax at 3 am. Right when reaching the point of climax he realizes he has no towels or kleenexes so he drops his load on the floor.
Hey you dumbass I just stepped on your carpet babies. Don't sweat it I'll make more.
by I.B. Noone March 16, 2004
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