The white suburban mom conceived straight from the pits of hell. Carols typically sport a short blonde bob along with round librarian glasses. She knows all the neighborhood gossip and isn't afraid to juke out anyone who crosses her. Carol’s have three kids and drives the ultimate mom van. She is the head of her neighborhoods clubhouse meetings and president of the PTO. She is the nevy of all the moms and also there biggest night mare.
"Did you hear Carol kicked Janice out of the neighborhood clubhouse committee?"
"Yeah, I heard it was sbecause Janive was seen flirting with Carol's husband."
by Mattesnowflake November 30, 2017
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A woman that really loves lipstick, so much she wears it on all of her teeth. She also wears hair clips on both sides of her middle part. She encourages others to wear fanny packs and tooth lipstick
by Nearly headless nick October 01, 2017
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A mothafuckin chair
Carol is sitting with us at dinner! - all moms ever
by jjslice85 November 20, 2019
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that one neighbor that cooks you dinner every now and then
carol decided to make some lasagna for me, i feel like she's tryna win me over, that the 30th time this week that she's made me something, my fridge is FULL.
by weavercep November 20, 2020
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