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Caro's Law

Caro's Law: Also known as 'Carldor' or sometimes refered to as the 'Hypothesis of Caro'.

This denotes to the teachings of the fallen prophet Caro -denounced by the Roman Emperor Scipio Africanus in 165 BC-. Since Pre-Biblical times, the words of Caro have emanated in the hearts and minds of all great forward thinkers such as the disciple of Jesus; Judas, quoting him as he kissed the founder of Christianity's brow, and later down the line even such Italian genius's as Leonardo Da'vinci and Mussolini giving credit to his preachings in their glorious success.

Caro's Law originated as what we would now refer to as an ideology similar to soft fascism, although at the time this may have been seen as the ignorant 'plebs' naturally following the higher authority of the patriarchy. Despite Caro's Law unifying the common man in his struggle against the evils of life, the high religious trinity branded him a heretic, leading to his denouncement at the hands of Scipio.
"Your opinion is invalid in the eyes of Caro's Law, which is empirical evidence in itself"

- Oh, your argument differs to my own? Too bad mate you're wrong -

"Caro's Law is the ultimate ontological argument"

-What does ontological mean you say? Um... urrh... -

"By Caro's Law, 21 Pilots are perhaps the best representation of the modern day dog turd"
-As a follower of Caro’s Law I have musical superiority to all else on this green earth -
by The Real Emperor Scipio July 13, 2018
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