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A Carmel the perfect girl bstfrn is an amazing rare unique friend. It is extremely hard to come by a girl best friend as great and perfect as Carmel. She is the bestest girl best friend there ever was and is a supportive and comforting best friend you can tell anything to. She is interesting considerate intuitive and very talented. She normally has a funny girl best friend and a boy best friend who can be annoying and stupid and do stupid things without thinking. She has little to no imperfections and has many people trying to copy and be like her. She takes the number one spot out of all of your friends let alone female friends.
Carmel the perfect girl bst frn is my girl bst frn. She is not insecure and is funny fun and entertaining.

She prefers to say bst frn instead of best friend for some reason

Antonyms-avi stupid bitch avinaash
by Avz1up February 20, 2018
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