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Carlton County is probably the most stereotypical redneck county ever in between the Twin Cities and Duluth. If you're family is originally from here, you'll find that you're first kiss was probably your 3rd cousin. And if you go ice fishing, you'll find anybody fucking there bitch on a snowmobile or rockin it in a fish house. And if you drive a rusty piece of shit that's probably illegal to drive. Don't worry about the 5-0. But if you drive and kind of lifted truck with some loud pipes, oh boy you're fucked. Carlton County- Come here for a fucked up new life, but can't leave cause of the bomb ass weed. Enjoy your stay!
Redneck 1: Hey bro did you see that hot bitch in carlton county?
Redneck 2: yeah dude, I heard she's a huge truck slut, plus she's probably my 2nd cousin.
by Catfishbilly218 June 22, 2016
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