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The alternative pronunciation for the inexpensive clothing chain that caters to preteens and middle aged milfs on a budget, Charlotte Russe.

Shoppers at this store usually seek out the designs that their classier, more chic friends sport, but are unwilling to fork out anything more than 4 dollars for jewelry.

The name gives it an attractive french appeal, making it easy to disguise the fact that you are in fact cheap and that the hole in your pants actually didn't come from catching it on a sharp object, but rather it was just the sensitivity of the cheap material used to make them.
Jeanette: I really like your top, it's kinda like one I have back home, except mine is black.. so cute.
LaKeisha: Oh really? Thank you girl yeah I got it for like $100 at Juicy,such a good deal, is that where you got yours too?
Jeanette: Oh no, I got mine from Carlotta Roosay.. it's french, I had it shipped.
LaKeisha: Ooh la la, that sounds classy.. do they have a website?
Jeanette: Um, no.. not right now.. it's pretty exclusive.. idk.
by Ash10Pars0n March 26, 2010
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