any species of gorgeous Italian-Canadian male. The Carlo is irresistible to women, and occasionally to bisexual men who are Dominican Wankers. The Carlo can often be spotted at the gym, working on his ultra-fine physique, or jogging on the beach with his perfect buttocks. The Carlo usually mates with hot black chicks but may be tempted into the sack by an Eastern European whore.
Guuurrrl, don't you see that fine-ass Carlo over there? I'm as turned on as Rush Limbaugh at an all-you-can-eat buffet!
by Ngo Ham Lan April 27, 2011
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A gay kid that thinks hes cool but really not no ,life and gets no girls..... Stay away from them
stop talking wile your sucking my dick carlos
by BattierAxe March 01, 2015
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carlos is...... well hes everything you could ever dream of in a guy. hes sweet, funny, caring, cute, he has a smile that will melt your heart and a laugh that you cant help but love. this boy is SEXY!! he has a body dont worry. he has the best eyes ever. you can get lost in his eyes and you wont mind not finding your way back. when he hugs you it feels like nothing bad will ever happen to you because he wont let anything happen. he makes you feel like your the only girl in the world and the only one for him. he is the object of my affection and the center of my attention. i love you Carlos!
girl 1 do you know carlos
girl 2 yeah
girl 1 isnt he just amazing!?!?!?!
girl 2 nothing can describe that boy
girl 1 ur right
by the grl u cant get enough of! October 18, 2011
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The gayest guy you will ever meet in your life
Guy: Dude, that guy is such a Carlos
Guy2: I know he tried to grab my dick
by thespyder92 July 02, 2016
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boy overly obssesed with boobs partying and popin mollys or any type of drug, he brags about partying or having a good time whenever he has the chance to.
YOU FUCKED THREE BITCHES LAST NIGHT!!!!? wow youre such a carlo!

dont touch my boobies! stop being such a carlo..
by federica maluma November 19, 2013
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A sexual eater known to lick his ketchup off his burger while thinking sexy thougths about his wifey. Caressing every crevice of the meat patty with his manly, muscular tongue, making sure no part is left unsatisfied.
dude. did you see that guy? he just ate it up like a carlos!
by mandn123 April 29, 2010
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