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A sexy latin stallion who treats his woman like a princess. He is a man driven by passion, and love. He is a strong, compassionate romantic. A jack of all trades. Skillful and thought provoking. The man of any woman's dreams but likes to screw with other peoples mind by giving them affection, hopes and then taking it ALL away!!! Striving to be known and organize events to mingle socially
So he pulled a Carlos Garcia on you and your best-friends?

Your so lucky to be with Carlos Garcia

Are you going to Carlos Garcia event tomorrow night?
by LAman22 November 10, 2010
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Name for any mexican that's not important enough for you to remember or care what there actual name is.
Shanna: Why are you watching Carlos Garcia?
Emy: You mean George Lopez?
Shanna: Same thing.
by Stallion Duck February 28, 2009
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