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New wrestler on the SmackDown! brand of WWE. Won the United States title in his debut match.
I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool.... Cool like me. Carlito Caribbean Cool.
by Kain October 31, 2004
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The coolest guy in wrestling. Cooler than the Mexicools, cooler than Michelle McCool, and even cooler than Frankie Kazarian. Carlito is the only person on this God given green Earth that's allowed to judge another person's coolness. Why? Because he defines cool.

Carlito is also the first man in WWE history to win each show's secondary titles in his debut matches. He defeated John Cena on his first night on Smackdown! to capture the United States championship, then on his first night on RAW eight months later, he pinned Shelton Benjamin to claim the Intercontinental championship. Now that's cool.
"Do you know what cool is? You're looking at him."

"Nothing beats being cool."

"You better be cool."
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