A phrase used to inform someone that you do not give a shit about what they are talking about.
Bob: I went to the store last night and chicken breasts were on sale for two dollars less than normal.

Mike: F.Y.I don't care.
by BigLerm October 8, 2009
Eating coco pops at 9 pm while watching Claudia Sulewski on youtube
by Gabby123kr February 4, 2022
When you have sex with a pregnant girl
I love dirty prenatal care to sluts an the ultrasound clinic
by Imthaap April 9, 2017
When you have no more energy left to be able to care about the thing/things that are bothering you
Man, I must have left my care charger at home last night. I came into work and could not care less from the out-set. My care capacitor needs replacing
by Kevlaa January 28, 2010
Nobody gives a fuck, keep that shit to yourself.
My baby daddy just died
“Bitch we don’t care

It’s that simple
by Marimari November 23, 2021
The sentence that you use when someone tells you something you don't care about
I is issing goodest player in dis game

Man dont care
by VeryBigResaPlayer November 20, 2021