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She's the same lady that's always on the cardio machine every time you go to gym regardless of the time or day. Whether she is walking on the treadmill, climbing the Stairmaster or using the elliptical machine, she always appears to be doing a minimum of two hours a day. She never uses anything other than the cardio machines and always has head phones on and is always tuned into whatever is on the television. They think they're super models when they're really a cross between a dead corpse and a malnourished praying mantis who cling to the cardio machines and still think that they are fat.
Julie: 'Is she going to get off the stairmaster?'
Stef: 'You've got no hope Jules, she's always on it, she's the cardio lady'
Julie: 'They should a time limit on each machine, so others can get a turn'
Stef: 'Good idea, why don't you go tell reception'
Julie:'I will'.
by Kick Ass Gal April 21, 2018
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