Intercourse that happens inside a car, truck, van, or any type of motor vehicle (space permitting). When administered correctly, it is possibly the best sex you could ever have.
"I had car sex the other day with my boyfriend, Neill and it was amazing! I came like 9 times!"
by Fenix_451 May 12, 2009
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When a simp is sexuality attracted to their car enough to put their dick in the tailpipe because they can't get laid by a real woman.
Dude, did you know Jerry hasn't had sex for so long that he had car sex!
by Carlover360 November 07, 2020
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Car sex is when a car inserts the exhaust pipe into another cars exhaust pipe, just like how a man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina during sex
Yesterday the Toyota Avalon had car sex with the Nissan Altima.
by URB4N D1C710N4RY April 19, 2021
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A sexual act. The event in which a woman undergoes sexual intercourse with a vehicles gearstick/gearknob or handbrake. This is the explanation behind why the car smells funny and the sticky residue found on the gearstick and gearknob, after you had said "ill be back in a minute" to your grilfiend.
'Man, it smells like you been car sexing in here', as he thinks to himself.
by JC October 07, 2004
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There are many ways to engage in intercourse with a car; one merely has to be creative enough.
The man was busy having sex with his car, and was not able to react in time when a little boy stepped into the road; the car and the man died, the little boy survived.
by Vee Are Are Schee October 24, 2003
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Spicing up sex by making race car noises while fucking. Both partners are encouraged to participate, although only the male is able to shift gears, using his partners tits. Inspired by Jeff Gordon.
Ingrid Vandebosch: Jeff, what the fuck are you doing?

Jeff Gordon: vrooooom, vrrrrrrrrrrrooooooom

Ingrid Vandebosch: YES! Shift into fifth baby!


Diana Patrick: NEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR...race car sex!
by fornicatia January 11, 2010
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the act of trying to place as many penis' as possible into a single vagina like many clowns try to fir into one car somehow
there was a 20 some going on in bed last night so i was like da hell with it lets just play a friendly game of clown car sex (: but then her vagina tore.... o well
by Mr. rapest November 03, 2010
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