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That special time in a car's life, at the age of thirteen, when it becomes a man.
"You can't sell your twelve-year-old Audi... it hasn't had it's Car Mitzvah yet!"
by Ryan TO September 30, 2005
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1. When the car becomes 13, just before/when major things start to go wrong with it, it's the best time to get rid of it, and do a Mitzvah to your pocket.

2. donate a piece of junk car to a Jewish charity organization
I did a Car Mitzvah, donated the piece of junk to jewish charity
by t_halzar October 01, 2005
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when one non-jew is in the car alone with three jews. By doing this he undergoes a car mitzvah and is officially jewish
Phil has car mitzvahs every time he rolls with those fly jewish mothafuckas Chester, Kern, and Roo Baggins
by ac fresh February 25, 2009
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