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A bitch who is impressed by a rich guy's car and accepts the ride and probably a free sex afterwards.
A: Heeey, look at that hot chic! Let's pick her up...
B: Nah... She's just a car bitch to me. Let's look for a real deal!
by Paranoid Cupid July 23, 2016
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The name of the person riding in the front passenger seat.

This person is responsible for all duties a driver may have, such as: adjusting heat/air conditioning, windows, changing music, controlling other passengers in the back seat, text messaging/making phone calls, or basically any other task the driver needs to be completed while they are driving.
Ex. 1
"If you can't handle the duties of a car bitch, get in the back seat and someone else will do it."

Ex. 2
"As soon as you get in that seat you're her car bitch immediately. Don't mess up or you'll be demoted to the back seat."
by bubblegumfantasy May 14, 2009
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