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When a man believes he is running a tight ship but in reality his girlfriend is the one who calls the shots in the relationship.

Depending on the level of control the girlfriend exerts, the man maybe designated as one of the following;

1. Sailor Pants
2. Captain Pants
3. Admiral Pants

And the ultimate....
4. Lord Nelson Pants

'Hey Captain Pants, would you like a Baby Sham?'

Alternatively when referring to the individual, his 'Pants Rank' is sufficient;

'Sailor, what time is your Mrs arriving?'

'I hear Alicia moved in and promoted Matt to Admiral... suppose that's the last we will see of him'

by Carminator April 06, 2009
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Available Domains :D

1:PN: the great warrior who defended the tortillas from the communist in 1989. Also known for his gift of pants to the eskimos in 1972.
2:N: A man who defends starch products from left wing nut jobs. Must love pants.
by Bob Awesome June 20, 2005
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One who, whilst playing Mario Kart Double Dash as a team!, will shoot you with a blue tracking shell right before you complete the longest cup in the game thereby making you come in second place and lose by one point.

AKA: Your little brother
Shootee: "Yes we're gonna win!"
Shooter: "Can I throw this blue shell?"
Shootee: "No!"
Shooter: "Okay." *throws the shell*
Shootee: "Omg! You just made us lose! That was a long cup!"
Shooter: "Sorry"
Shootee: "Good going Captain Pants!"

by Varjack December 01, 2006
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