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The unofficial mascot of Carterville High School (IL). Formed in 2009 by a CHS band senior, Captain Carterville is the face of Lion pride. The figure is a student who is qualified in a few main areas: 1. Team Spirit 2.No shame 3. Sportsmanship 4. Craziness The student usually a member of the band or student section leads the morale at all home and playoff games for football and basketball. Captain Carterville has been known to do the unexpected such as dance wildly and randomly, stand in the opposing team's section, and do crazy cheers with the band/cheer leaders/student section. Now a tradition at CHS, Captain Carterville will remain the figure of Lions' sports.
Woa! Who is that crazy, funny-lookin' dude over there?

That would be captain Carterville.
by C'ptn. C'ville March 21, 2010
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