When a male or female administers cunnilingus on some realy tasty poontang. Lots of moaning involved.
Bianca loves it when I go Canyon Yodeling in her wet valley. She tends to scream in Brazilian Portuguese when I do that.
by Pepper November 02, 2004
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The practice of a carpet munching lesbian in between her lovers hot moist lips with her nose firmly planted on her fun button (labia). This practice is often performed and finalized within a few short hot breaths
Jane pulled the curly pube hair from her mouth and took a breath break from canyon yodeling
by Blow Me Please August 15, 2008
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Humming, singing and vocalizing while performing anilingus.
Dan got through two verses of the Star Spangled Banner while canyon yodeling Michael's manhole.
by past imperfect March 21, 2009
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When a person inserts their nose into the other persons anus, then puts the ballsack into their mouth, yodels into beautiful harmony thus creating vibration on the lucky man's testicles, then blows their nose into the persons butthole.
I love giving Grand Canyon yodels in the Simon Kenton restops.
by Jared Sims and Jake Gray July 28, 2005
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