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An erotic game that requires the following
1 Gallon of Canola Oil
1 Twister Board
2-12 People

After everyone is comfortably naked, all are required to douse themselves in Canola Oil, and proceed to play twister naked and covered in oil. The game lasts untill the last person falls over, or the entire group starts an orgy. Different variations such as Peanut Twister, played with peanut oil, are equally as fun, but run the risk of an allergic reaction among participants. This is a great game to be played on days when school might be cancelled or closed early during a snowstorm.
John, Steve, and I went over to Tina's house with some other girls, and played a game of Canola Twister. The orgy started when John slipped on right-hand-red and plowed Tina's ass. A really fun night.
by MCtrack January 07, 2011
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