st0ner: i like weed
other st0ner: i like cannabis
st0ner: its the same thing dumbass
by Qannabis King April 19, 2008
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or Marijuana as it is also known, is a member of the hemp family of plants.

The buds are then harvested, dried and sold. When smoked Cannabis is known to give effects which can include :- Light Headedness, Sensory Overload, Paranoia, Mild Scizophrenia(in bad cases) and has also be known to cause many other effects including in certain cases, death (VERY SEVERE CASE)
Don't drink and drive, smoke weed and fly...
by The Definition Machine January 29, 2005
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One of the seed-bearing plants given to Man from our loving God.
Cannabis is a gift from God.
by notanep September 15, 2016
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