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v. To be obsessed with the game Candy Crush. Someone who candy-crushes is on a very difficult level and will never put their phone down because they

must defeat that one level.
Bob: Jack, put your phone down and watch the football game with me!
Jack: Sorry, Bob. I gotta finish level 346 on Candy Crush. It's addicting!

Bob: You've been Candy-Crushing lately. I think it's time to put the phone down.
by The Magic Taco December 17, 2013
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1.Playing candy crush saga for a noticable amount of time

2. Preforming well in the game with the receiving of a high score or large combo
1. Russell told Kayla she was candy-crushing for an hour straight.

2. RJ shouted, "candy-crushing" as he was performing well in Candy Crush saga.
by WorldClassGamer July 07, 2013
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When a person is lying on their front playing Candy Crush and someone sits on them.
Gah! Dude! Get off. Stop candy crushing me!
by loirĂ£o July 16, 2014
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Having sex with a stripper name Candy. Going to a Stripe Club. Having sex with a stripper.
Lets go Candy Crushing. Sure what time?
by J1 Socal January 12, 2016
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