When famous people or companies do or say something horrible and people stop supporting them. Conservatives pretend this is a form of censorship and supression of opposing views. Really it's just our culture deciding how we want to be.
Johnny tweeted some anti-gay shit and got banned. Now he's whining about cancel culture on parlor like a homophobic bigot.
by Gorgias'Musings December 24, 2020
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A group of people that are just a bunch of twat waffles who need to grow a pair because they're to sensitive.
Twat waffle #1: "omg. That cartoon hurt my feelings because it was a cartoon."

Twat waffle #2: "omg. We should totally cancel it"

Twat waffle #1: "I feel better now that my kids can grow up being a bunch of sensitive whiny little bitchs. Thanks to cancel culture."
by TheGreatestPersonYoullMeet March 11, 2021
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It's basically this whole Twitter phenomen of people "cancelling" others, specially celebrities. They usually dig onto their pasts until they find something that looks bad with context or without it (usually without it). Some examples are: people bringing that a celeb said the n-word when they were 13 or some dumb joke that used to be aceptable back then, but now is considered offensive, old tweets, clips (usually that have been altered) of them doing or saying something without context. Cancel culture totally ignores the fact that people can learn and grow from their mistakes if wanted.

Some examples of people who have been cancelled on the Internet are; Laura Lee, Manny MUA, Onision, Romeo Lacoste, etc...
+Did you see those Romeo Lacoste texts?
-Yeah dude, how disgusting of him to take advantage of underage girls. He's so cancelled.

Friend 1: (random person) is soo cancelled omg. Did you see what they said back in 2010?
Friend 2: Umm... Literally what? I get what you say, but they act so different now and are ashamed of those jokes. You know people do change right? I swear cancel culture is getting out of hands.
Friend 3: Dumb bitches ruined cancel culture. **Stares into friend 2's eyes intensely** You is dumb bitches.
by Pedroelmono March 20, 2019
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A bunch of entitled internet idiots who yell “cancelled” to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This group of people usually doesn’t have any actual logic or reasons they just use “🤡” “💀” and think they won the argument. These people have no lives and are seen attacking celebrities for something they did or said YEARS ago and hold them accountable or demand apology. these people are controlling and very judgemental. They dont realize that people can CHANGE and grow.
Idiot 1: “Oh my god did you hear that shawn mendez tweeted “I hate gays” YEARS ago?
Idiot: “oh my god hes HoMopHoBic he is CANCELLED lets destroy his career”

This is cancel culture
by Guitarheropapi September 12, 2019
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A group of no life individuals whose only purpose is to pray for the downfall of anybody that's famous that makes the tiniest of mistakes. Usually these Neanderthals are found on Twitter
Ex: My favorite celebrity got cancelled because he had made a joke on Twitter and now the cancel culture is after him
by shortcircuit27 December 2, 2020
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Attempting to ruin someone’s life just because they don’t share the same opinion.
Jade: “I’m gonna use cancel culture on that guy, because i think everyone else should agree with me and that makes me sad if they don’t!”
Olivia: “k”
by Zoetropper July 13, 2020
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the act of damaging someone's life or career because they made human error.
little timmy said something offensive on accident and now cancel culture made him homeless.
by astronomia November 21, 2020
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