A country that serves poop, pee, and diarrhea platters to its patrons. Avoid the restaurants at all costs. Its Executive Prime Minister likes to hit birds all the time and gets nothing accomplished in his 50-year terms. Its citizens run around screaming all the time and they are so intellectually capable they can recite the entire works of Shakespeare while riding a unicycle underwater. Its Executivs Prime Minister takes a liking to sexually abusing bats occasionally.
Canada is a place that only psychos and Tim Russert goes.
by Barry Trotter March 14, 2007
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1) Country north of the USA.
2) Country with a weaker economy and less cultural influence than the USA.
3)A nation that has nothing special to offer the world.
4)America Jr. or Mini-America.
5)Colonists that were to much of pussies to fight the British during the American Revolution.
6)Looks like America, but just isn't the same.
7) Country Americans tell jealous foreigners they are from when not in the US, so that they won't be killed.
8)The World's D student.
Wow Canada sure does suck, I wish I was back in the states.

Canada? Oh we just call it American Jr. here.

France:I hate those arrogant American pigs
American tourist: Don't look at me, I'm from Canada, eh.
by Cavedog86 August 20, 2007
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a non-existant country where non-existant aliens roam freely in hope of actually becoming part of the world
Bob: Have u heard of canada?
Fred: Oh ya isnt that the country where cumchuggers and meatstrokers live.
by sweaty_scrotum July 30, 2008
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The land of queers and skanks. In the most recent of Colbert Nations, it was slighted for renaming its magazine "the Beaver" because Canadians are a bunch of ninnies.
Canada is such a land of queers and losers

Canadians eat douchebagels and creamed mancheese

Colbert was disappointed and issued a slam-session on Canadians for giving up on "the Beaver"
by JayCot February 04, 2010
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Person A: "I'm going up to Canada tomorrow"
Person B: "Canada is America's hat."
Person A: "Oh?"
by ohhaiimmiky April 24, 2011
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