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Everyone in roleplay should know her. If you don't, you're obviously the biggest, most stupid n00b ever. This is to everyone in roleplay or joined roleplay (duh). Canada Woods is the most well known/"popular" girl in roleplay. Everyone seems to respect her and idolize her as if she is immortal. People try to copy her and make hate sites for her just cause they can't find another person to obsess to, but someone by the name of Canada Woods. She's not actually hated, people just wanna get to her brain and make her perform a bad scene and ruin her own reputation. Again, I don't see her messing up anything about herself. Plus, not like everyone is friends with her, but they try, want, need to be friends with her, just to get 5 minutes of the spotlight or probably use her. Except Miss Woods is highly clever of some sort. I can't seem to track down the reason why she is clever to ditch the suck-ups and make the haters back off. Again, she has so many, many, many lovers. No one knows why she's popular, but some say that she's known because of her name. Not true. There's just something else, but I can't seem to track it. Canada was an unusual name to everyone out there who roleplays, but then the name 'Canada' got shot out to the whole wide community of RP and now everyone is familiar with that name. There's so much with this girl. I just don't know how to explain her. Just that she's the biggest "rolebrity" out there right now. Everyone is obsessed and just waiting to receive a reply from her. Even if it's two words, the world goes insanely happy and crazy. STATS/FACTS: She has a boyfriend name Jake Mraz, and she seems to praise him and love him even though he doesn't sign on Myspace much. Even if he's not a Myspace lover, she still loves the him a lott and they're probably one of the couples that can actually have a real relationship. They must be talking on aim a lot, I assume. / She has two nieces? I think it's that Shiloh and Brooklyn Bombshell. Idk if Shiloh still has her Rockafeller name, but Canada is their aunt. / She has/had (?) a sister name Baybayleaf (another popular) who is rather mean and ignorant. Baybayleaf and Canada are on and off with the whole sib thing. Canada is too nice and Baybayleaf is just always doing something wrong to upset her sister. Are they still talking and are they still sisters? We don't know / Canada has a best friend name Jr and this other one name Easy Cullen? Question is, has Canada and Jr ever been in a relationship with each other and how long have they been best friends? Plus, who is Easy? She pops out of nowhere and becomes second or first on Canada's top when the rest of the roleplay world wants to be able to be on there. / Canada has a grandson? I think his name is Patrick and they seem pretty close, but pretty distant. Although, I must say that they are tight with each other, like best friends for life -- grandmama & grandson.. awww. / Last stat&fact is that Canada prefers small tops. I've never seen her with a huge top before, considering she's a very private person and likes to keep close friends on a small number of her top. Why? Also, people think she's inspirational and they look up to her. If you were to ask somebody about a famous rper that they look up to or like, they'd say somewhat like Canada Woods. I've heard too much of her name before. It's addicting, I say. But I'm not obsessed. So basically, this is part of the definition of who Canada Woods is. P.S. If you ask anyone who'd they prefer more, Canada Woods or Paul Chevise aka Paulpaulshake (the most popular two on roleplay), then people would say Canada Woods.

If you were wondering.. Yes, I used to own a popular site, but I wasn't an owner of a hate site. I have no need to start a gossip site either and ramble around wasting my time, but I feel like people should know about Canada. I'm only giving her more fame and face, but that's because I think she deserves it and I have no clue why.
Canada Woods roleplay well known popular famous better than paulpaulshake

girl1: dude, do you know who canada woods is???
girl2: fuck, are you kidding? what kind of shit are you smoking?! everyone knows who she is.


Anonymous: So who do you think is the most well known girl on RP?
Replier: uhhh.. Canada Woods


girl A: OMFG, i just commented canada woods
girl B: dude, you're so brave. -.- like seriously, i would never do that..
girl A: ahhh!! canada replied to me! omg
girl B: -breathes hard and almost suffocates- she did?! damnnn. im gonna comment her tomorrow then :D
girl A: bitch!! i commented her first!!!!


guy1: So dude, everyone's talking about Canada Woods.
guy2: Haha, yeah I know. It's kinda... obsessing.
guy1: Yeah man. About all the things they say about her, it's all good shit. It kinda makes me into her.
guy2: HAHA! Into her? like...
guy1: No! I mean, into her as in she's attractive. I wanna get to know her someday. It'd be cool. cause basically everyone is obsessed with her man. It's sick, but in a good way.
guy2: haha, I know. my girlfriend and her friends talk about Canada sometimes.

by popularitykickass December 14, 2008
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