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Camp-bells (kam-buhls, kam-uhl) Girl (Gurh-elle)

-A female, who meets all qualifications for attractiveness, body type, height, and overall package. Often, these women are out of the 'average' mans league and are sought after by many or all. Women frequently are jealous of the "Campbells Girl", as she is always more attractive than the average girl.

-Campbells Girl(s) can be found at at most brand-popular retail clothing stores such as (Abercrombie, Hollister, Guess... Etc). There is also a high probablity that they will sport this clothing, and try to replicate the models/look of these retailers (if they are not already a store model).

-They are an average height of 5' to 5-4", and an average weight of 95lbs to 115lbs (max). Breast size varies.

-A Campbells Girl would prefer a "Mocha Chai Latte" from Starbucks over the standard Tea or Coffee from Tim Hortons(CDN) or Dunkin Donuts(USA).

-They typically do not have to pay for anything, such as cell phone bills, rent, clothing, food, credit car, as this is covered by the Bank of Dad.

-A Campbells Girl (on the road) can be spotted in a newer Civic, Tiburon, Sunfire or Cobalt (Automatic Transmissions). Typically, it can be noted that her car is "a piece of shit, I wish my parents would get me something else".

-A Campbells Girl can be a one-night stand, or a 6-12 month girlfriend(max).

-A Campbells girl can often be mistaken for Wife Material, however, this confusion should never occur.

-A Campbells Girl often already knows the league of man she can aquire.

-A Campbells Girl usually claims to be a model, or aspiring model/actress.

-Sexual Capabilities: Often, this is left up to the man who courts her into bed. This is a grey area and varies from hood rat to chicken head.

-Generally she will be the type to take photos of herself (many), and have them posted on popular websites such as facebook. She will most often NOT have to show off her incredible physical features such as cleavage, legs, ass, as it is/should be already obvious that she is extremely hot.

-Campbells Girls, on the international rating scale of 1-10, fall between low 8.0 to 10.0 +

"Oh wow, look at that girl across the cafeteria with the killer ass, she's definetely a Campbells Girl"

by Werdna Llebpmac_2 April 01, 2009
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