The Absolute worst place you can be forced to live or work at. Sausage feast followed with alcoholism, depression, high suicide rates and the shittiest chow hall known to man. The only girls on the base are pretty much dudes with vaginas and after about a month there you'll fuck anything with a hole on it. Base gets new people all the time who think they're "deployed" when really they're just cheating on their significant other with a nasty ass local who probably has the clap. They also end up buying out all the alcohol because they don't do shit besides bitch and moan about their 6 months stuck in the devil's armpit. They fill up the gym and ruin it even more for the borderline suicidal fucks who are already stuck there for 2 or 3 years because they want to work out but order a fucking pizza every night and make the delivery times on base go from fast to slower than a fucking snail because they all order the same shit. It's also the only base on the island to not have a taco bell and we got stuck with a shitty popeyes, an overpriced pizza hut, and soggy ass subway and an above par burger king that doesn't fucking deliver. So if you're in the Marines or Navy and you get orders to this fucking base I highly recommend fighting to get orders to another place or jump off a balcony and land head first because if you don't do it now you'll eventually do it later down the road at Camp Schwab
"Hey dude, how did you like Camp Schwab?"

"I'd rather fuck my asshole with a cactus then go back to Camp Schwab"
by SaltyAssMarine April 28, 2020
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