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A psychotic lesbian version of Tweetle Dee and Tweedle Dum based on the italian, cultural, critic, Camille Paglia. Camille will first appeal for the Marquis De Sade, the BDSM of Robert Mappelthorpe, the filthy writings of Anne Rice under Anne Roquelaure, and the most lascivious behavior of gay men on a speed queen washer and dryer and than use that argument to build nine bathhouses in Andy Griffith's Mayberry and sell gay men out with their STR8 married (butts in the air) counterparts. Camille Appealedya and Camille Appalledya. Works similar to China Syndrome Spectrum Disorder and South Park, White Man, Big Penis Syndrome. A con job of flattery. One of Bill Maher's Angels of The Apocalypse. If she was riding shotgun with a horseman of the apocalypse she would be on the horse of WAR.
See also China Syndrome Spectrum Disorder (CSSD)
See also Sewy Sontag (AKA Horseman of the Plague)
See also Klaus Naomi Klein (AKA Horseman of Famine)
Bruce: Joe hung out with me a lot. She flattered me. She liked my car. She liked fixing cars. She liked my friend Blaire. Blaire and I liked to go out dancing. Joe came with us one night, got me really loaded on Molly, took off with my car and fucked Blaire. I haven't seen her since.
Jack: Man, she Camille Appealedya & Camille Appalledya. What a dyke.
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by HearMyName July 24, 2018
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