A nicer way of telling someone " you don't know what you are talking about because you butted into a conversation you had no business butting into in the first place"
Parents talking and son interrupts : can I go to a Trump rally with my gf Jessica?

Parents : drive yourself away by all means necessary. Btw since you came from a great cosmic egg, you can also learn some manners and not interrupt us when we are talking.
by sexydimma May 16, 2016
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another way of telling someone that you want them out of your conversation because they were not initially part of it and hence don't know even what the convo is about when they butt in
why are you interrupting, stop changing the subject; you came from a great cosmic egg
by sexydimma March 28, 2015
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( the Bushes here refers to the Bush family): referencing someone who went from rags to riches
You came from the Bushes means a lot to my family.
by sexydimma July 23, 2021
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to do what is needed or expected. especially when agreed upon prior to the circumstance.

to have someone's back or be there for them physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc..

someone to lean on when shit gets real and is needed the most.

to support someone during a difficult situation.
Sarah: You came thru for me when I ripped my jeans and you had another pair in your locker last week.

Kasha: You know I got you girl!
by steezyonthei's January 26, 2019
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