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The nastiest, most fucked up place in the universe... all the rooms in my barracks had had a roach problem. Kids get in fights everyday. Drugs run rampant through the campus including coke, Xanax, painkillers etc... 7 students known as the chain of command run each company of 50 other cadets! the whole experience was similar to the “Stanford prison experiment” my first week a kid got hit in the face with a 8 ball during a fight! 5 younger student were raped throughout my stay there and nothing happened... there are tons of lawsuits online against this school. THIS PLACE IS FUCKED UP! NEVER SEND YOUR CHILD HERE!
Jake- have you seen brad? I haven’t seen him all year!
Anthony- you didn’t hear?! Brad got sent to Camden military academy and no ones heard from him sense...
Jake- HOLY SHIT! I’ve heard of this place before! My cousin went there and got sodomized! He’s still fucked up today...
by VWAAL May 12, 2018
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