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The attitude adopted by many of those either working or studying at the University of Cambridge, or by those who have worked or studied there in the past.

Defining characteristics of the “Cambridge attitude" include:

- total failure to acknowledge even the existence of co-workers considered to be of a lower status;
- feeling of complete superiority over everybody, particularly anybody judged to be non-“Cambridge”;
- utter inability to relate socially to those considered to be of a lower class;
- astonishment, confusion and nausea when somebody judged to be of a lower status turns out to be better than them at something;
- refusal to accept the value of degree courses at other institutions (apart from Oxford, known as The Other Place).
Janine: “Would you believe I have shared an office with Hermione for 14 years and yet she only said ‘Hello’ to me for the first time last Tuesday?”
Dave: “I did try to tell you that she has a bit of a Cambridge attitude, didn’t I? Only this morning she shut the lift door in my face, and yesterday she pushed in front of me at the photocopier.”
Janine: “Yes, but even so, I am the managing director…”
by HenryHVC May 31, 2011
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