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A cage of misery and despair located in Lansdale, PA.
A cesspool of conservative, fundamentalist, self-righteous, ignorant assholes.
North Penn Kid: Hey, you go to Calvary, right?

Calvary Baptist School Kid: Please don't talk to me, you are of the world, and they tell me world is evil! You believe in EVILution and believe monkeys "evolved" into man over BILLIONS of years. Monkeys can't even live a billion years! How come we cant speak monkey? If we did evolve from monkeys then how come babies aren't born monkeys? I am 100% pro-life, unless we're talking about capital punishment, in which case I am 100% pro-death! If u have sex before marriage then in God's eyes u are married to that person. If a man rapes a woman, in Gods eyes they are married, it sucks for the girl but what can we do lol! There are NO exceptions to abortion whatsoever. It is God's will that the woman was impregnated, and therefore she must birth the child! If she was in fact raped, she must play the hand that was dealt to her, accept it as God's Will, and raise the interracial baby as her own. A woman wants to abort a rape child? She should have thought of that before she walked down that dark alley without a male present, not to mention she should have thought before putting on revealing attire. In the real world homosexuals (especially males) are generally predatory perverts who wouldn't think twice about bedding a 14 yo boy. You want to think that "Will and Grace" is a realistic picture of homosexuality. You're wrong. It doesn't show the incredibly widespread depression, drug use, disease and utter depravity of the homosexual fetish community....blah blah blah bullshit bullshit...

North Penn Kid: I'll take that as a yes...
by Dave Hanes April 14, 2008
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