A saying used or yelled out loud when you hurt yourself from stupidity.
I opened the cupboard to grab a glass out and as I shut it I pinched my finger so I grabbed my hand and yelled out loud, “FUCK ME AND CALL ME SALLY!” Works like a charm every time!
by jpants24 October 6, 2017
When something is so good you can't help but scream this at the top of your lungs.
"Well fuck me in the ass and call me Sally! These cupcakes are fucking bomb!!!"
by rms386 February 23, 2014
When a person is left pissed off and frustrated at human stupidity and their lack of intelligence
When he asked a girl out she would never respond, so he yelled " Fuck Me Sideways and Call Me Sally " in the local library. He was left frustrated at her stupidity.
by Mill3rth3Kill3r15 April 29, 2015
Expression or exclamation used when being suddenly surprised or overwhelmed with something unexpected
"Hey dude, check out the babe at that table! I swear, she's got the most perfect set of breasticles I've ever seen!"

"Dress me up and call me Sally! I think you just might be right!"

"Hey John, you got a sec? I think I saw your mom last night driving around with some strange guy. They looked like they were up to some naughty business. You know anything 'bout that?"

"Well dress me up and call me Sally! She did leave the house last night to get some milk! I guess she was getting more that that!"
by JanJ August 5, 2008